My name is Saibal De, and I am a PhD student at University of Michgan, Departmet of Mathematics. I am enrolled in the Applied and Interdisciplinary Mathematics (AIM) program; my advisors are Prof. Shravan Veerapaneni and Prof. Xun Huan.

I am one of the organizers of the Directed Reading Program at the Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan. I also co-host a Student Machine Learning Seminar with Rishi Sonthalia.

Recent News

  • July 2019 - New paper Scalable Solvers for Cone Complementarity Problems in Frictional Multibody Dynamics by Saibal De, Eduardo Corona, Paramsothy Jayakumar and Shravan Veerapaneni was accepted at the 2019 IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC) Conference.
  • June 2019 - Presented a poster at the Mathematical Fluids, Materials and Biology Conference on Simulation of Stokes Flow in Axisymmetric Geometries.
  • May 2019 - Gave a talk and presented a poster at the ARC Annual Review on Fast Numerical Algorithms and High Performance Computing for Terramechanics Simulations.
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