Saibal De

Graduate Student

University of Michigan


Hello! My name is Saibal De, and I am a 4th year PhD student at the Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan. My advisors are Prof. Shravan Veerapaneni and Prof. Xun Huan.

I am interested in developing algorithms for physics based simulations of granular media and particulate flows. I use high performance computing frameworks and fast algorithms to resolve contact between the particles, and boundary integral methods for modeling fluid-particle interactions. Recently, I have started working on data-driven modeling using tensor decompositions.

I obtained my Four Year Bachelor of Science (Research) degree in Mathematics (with a minor in Physics) from Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) in 2016.

I currently co-organize the Directed Reading Program at the Departhemt of Mathematics, University of Michigan. During Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 semesters, I co-hosted the Student Machine Learning Seminar with Rishi Sonthalia.


(2019). Scalable Solvers for Cone Complementarity Problems in Frictional Multibody Dynamics. In 2019 IEEE HPEC.

Project DOI


Scalable Solvers for Frictional Rigid Body Contact

Develop collision detection and resolution schemes for rigid body collisions in large scale simulations by utilizing high performance computing and fast algorithms.

Fast Solvers for Stokes Flow past Axisymmetric Geometries

Leverage the rotational symmetry to decouple the Fourier modes of the Stokes boundary integral equations, and improve the accuracy and computational complexity of their numerical solvers.


Scalable Solvers for Cone Complementarity Problems in Frictional Multibody Dynamics

We present an efficient, hybrid MPI/OpenMP framework for the cone complementarity formulation of large-scale rigid body dynamics …

Fast Numerical Algorithms and High Performance Computing for High-Fidelity Simulations in Terramechanics

Enforcing contact constraints accurately in many-body simulations is extremely challenging yet critically important for achieving high …

A Fast Solver for Stokes Boundary Integral Equations on Axisymmetric Surfaces

We show that Stokes’ boundary integral equations defined on an axisymmetric surface can be decomposed into a series of boundary …


I am not teaching any courses in Winter 2020.

Past Courses

Math 216 (Differential Equations)Lab InstructorFall 2018
Math 115 (Calculus I)Primary InstructorWinter 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018
Math 105 (Pre-calculus)Primary InstructorFall 2016